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Quality harms our industry. At Smart, Quality is a central topic.
Our goal is to be the #1 ad exchange in terms of quality to enable programmatic buyers to buy with confidence.

  • “We highly appreciate the ads.txt initiative since it prevents the unauthorized reselling of inventory in the programmatic market. We are currently rolling out ads.txt on our websites. It is very easy to implement: we simply deploy the ads.txt file in the root directory of the web server.”

    + Markus Lauscher, Styria

  • “Ads.txt is the first opportunity to work for a better programmatic market. Today we’re still very confused because of a lack of transparency. Ads.txt will allow us to have cleaner inventory and safer investments from advertisers.”

    + Tommaso Rossi, Managing Director, Madvertise Italy

  • “Smart AdServer remains committed to combating fraud and ensuring the highest Quality marketplace for buyers and sellers. If our industry fails to improve the ad-tech ecosystem, we risk eroding the trust of buyers, which hurts everyone.”

    + Gorka Zarauz, Chief Quality Officer, Smart

[IT] We 100% support Ads.txt.

It is a key initiative for the digital ad market.

How to implement ads.txt in 3 min

Ads Txt

Ads.txt is proposed by the IAB Tech Lab to promote and improve transparency within the digital ad ecosystem. It enables publishers to indicate to buyers who is authorized to sell their inventory.

Smart is actively promoting and supporting the adoption of ads.txt to all Smart publishers. It’s a huge opportunity for premium publishers to secure their traffic and avoid domain spoofing.

A massive usage of this new standard will benefit to the whole ecosystem.

+ Go to the ads.txt generator

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